I Say O-H You Say I-O Ornament

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New design for 2019! Add a piece of sports history to your holiday decorations with these ornaments made from ancient redwood which served as south end zone bleachers in Ohio Stadium from the 1920s-2000! Thought to be long gone, Griffen Hollow Studio found and reclaimed the wood and has partnered with State of Devotion to design a keepsake for generations to come.

The dictionary defines a scroll as "Something, especially an ornament, resembling a partly unrolled sheet of paper or having a spiral or coiled form." We couldn't agree more. Our Cursive or 'scroll' Ohio Ornament sums it up pretty well.

Every ornament has its unique history etched on the back, watch how they are made in this video!

Each ornament is 3.25-inches tall featuring a nickle-plated screw eye, red ribbon and custom gift box. Please know that we cannot guarantee the grain of the wood from item to item will be identical to the product photos. Every piece of wood is unique. 

See all ornaments here.

Designs by State of Devotion Clothing Co.
Created by Griffen Hollow Studio

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