State of Devotion Apparel & Accessories - 1399 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

State of Devotion
1399 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Monday-Saturday: 11-9
Sunday: 11-5

In addition to our online and Grandview store, the following retailers stock some of our designs. We recommend calling ahead if you are looking for a specific size. Check them out and shop local!

Celebrate Local
Shop The Best of Ohio at Easton
3952 Townsfair Way
Columbus, Ohio 43219
614-471-OHIO (6446)
Toll Free: 844-BUY-OHIO

Experience Columbus
Columbus Visitor Center
277 W. Nationwide Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215

Ohio Historical Society
800 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211
800-686-6124 Mon-Fri
800-797-2357 Sat-Sun