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Griffen Hollow Studio

Bleacher Board

Bleacher Board

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Add a piece of sports history to your decor with a slice of an original board from the former south end zone bleachers in Ohio Stadium from the 1920s-2000! 

Each 12-foot section of the original bleachers was made up of 2x4 redwood boards. We take the boards and cut them down to 24-inches in length. They are then sliced into 1/4-inch boards. During this process, the top of the board that fans sat on and was exposed to the elements is set aside as we only use the interior wood for ornaments. For the first time we are now offering the top layer for sale while supplies last.

Each board features the story etched on the back. Boards without numbers are $59 and boards with numbers are $79. Measurements are 24-inches long, 4-inches wide and 1/4-inch thick.

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