About Us

What is State of Devotion?

Established in 2011, State of Devotion is a clothing and accessories brand that motivates people to be proud of what they believe in or where they call home. Devotion can mean many things to many different people. You could be in a state of mind where you are emotionally invested in something or you could be devoted to where you call home, a physical state. Whether it's a cause, a belief or a place – be devoted. What's your devotion?

Our Products

Every aspect of our product – from the fit to the finish – has been thought through to create the highest quality and value for our customers. It’s important our customer’s experience truly replicates our brand and what we’re all about.

All of our shirts are made in America and printed in Ohio. We use high-quality American Apparel fitted t-shirts. This is the softest, most comfortable shirt you will find anywhere. Our shirts are for both men and women and are sized adult extra small - adult double extra large with limited children's sizes. In addition we have added handmade Ohio jewelry and handmade bags.