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Dwiggins Tee

Dwiggins Tee

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Pre-order window is now closed Orders will begin to ship by the end of the week of 4/20.

Nearly a hundred years ago, artist W. A. Dwiggins made this fanciful design for a set of five books. (Although each book spine had its own separate piece of paper, when the books were arranged together on the shelf, they formed a continuous image.) These 6-color, hand-printed t-shirts bring that design into the 21st century for all of us to enjoy. They will be printed in Cambridge, Ohio, the hometown of W. A. Dwiggins.

Available in two styles, a super-soft 'fashion fit' sustainable tee ($22) that uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles and a soft but boxy, regular 100% ring-spun cotton fit ($18).

Ladies tees run a size if not a size and a half smaller than unisex. If you wear a small unisex and you like it loose, order a large. 

Shirts will be printed in Cambridge but mailed from our retail location in Columbus, Ohio. 

Note: The triblend fashion fit tees are an off-white color similar to natural paper. The 100% cotton tees are bright white.

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